We recognize that no two customers are the same and no two sites have the same needs. As such every one of our solution proposals are tailored to meet your needs. We base our service design on a detailed risk assessment that we will carry out on your site. We will identify any potential risks and then considering your requirements we will formulate a service for you.

We are a quality led business where the  welfare of our frontline staff, their development and wellbeing combined with a pride in assignment instructions, risk assessments and procedures are specifically designed to meet our clients’ security objectives.

Our manned guarding solution ensures the safety of your:

  • Employees and customers
  • Physical assets
  • Intellectual property

we work with you to design a security solution that is entirely catered to your needs. Our manned guarding service is designed to help prevent security threats to you and your organization. Having Security Officers on site ensures that in the event of any issues there is a security professional on hand who is familiar with all security procedures and is fully trained in response action. We provide a physical presence in your workplace to ensure a high level of safety is maintained.